Auditions and Callbacks 2

Minimal paralyzing self doubt and hearty spurts of confidence = a good week in the studio!

Late May-callbacks

Late May-callbacks

The Dark Side is taking shape. There will be a gradual subtle ( I hope) dark to light shift across the 7 foot piece and my focus now is on the left/darker side.

The Dark Side in process-detail

The Dark Side in process-detail

A good step, it turned out, was to stop and sort the piles of dyed fabric and felting that I had created. This made the auditions more orderly and less free form. A growing sense of direction emerged and I woke each day with an itch to get into the studio. This is NOT always the case. Big decisions were made. The biggest (and saddest for me) was to accept that that gorgeous pile of golden/ avocado/olive green silks and felting will hardly make an appearance in this piece. I really tried-even to the point of lightly fusing sections down. But it was clear it didn’t work with the bronzy red background. So I set them aside and will find a fantastic use for them in a future piece.


2 Responses to “Auditions and Callbacks 2”

  1. d r e w Says:

    wow, it’s looking great! can’t wait to see the final piece.

    do you fuse/appilque everything, or do you piece some of it?

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