Commission: Auditions and callbacks 1

I can be very decisive in many parts of my life but choosing colors is not one of them. I love playing with color, the aha moment when two colors next to each other are perfect and am usually happy with my final decisions. But the process itself can be frought with self doubt and procrastination. It’s like picking my way along a path with constantly branching choices.



For the next many weeks there will be a series of auditions and callbacks. There will be lots of moments when I will feel I’ll never find the exact right color for this part! And with a commission, the clients color preferences further complicates the decision algorithm in my measly brain. It’s a messy business.

But when I find the right color- I feel I’ve decisively figured out the next few steps on this path and for a brief time my confidence and well being is restored!



Till the next color choice…

5 Responses to “Commission: Auditions and callbacks 1”

  1. Patricia Fogleman Says:

    I love being invited into your process. Its looking beautiful so far. Is it a feeling that makes you choose one color over another, or are you really having to work within some strict limitations?

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      Patricia, There were some specific guidelines set out by the client (for example: little or no blue) but even without outside limitations my process is somewhat chaotic and messy. With this large piece I have SO many dyed choices and in the end it really does come down to a “feeling”. At the moment, I feel that I have moved to a place of more clarity and sureness about my next steps. I try to enjoy these moments!

  2. Fatma Nursima Arslan Says:

    Come across you on, stunning pieces of art! Love the idea love them all. Just want to say 🙂
    Greetings from Turkey.

  3. Fatma Nursima Arslan Says:

    it should be “” i guess 🙂

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