Creative process under pressure

When I took on this large commission with a deadline, I really didn’t know how being under a time constraint would effect my process.

I’m often a dawdler and a putterer. Easily, 60% of the time put into a piece is mental- ruminating, fretting, brainstorming, seeking solutions. This commission has forced me to minimize all that and DO more.

In Progress-6-8-12

In Progress-6-8-12

I like it. There’s less room for my doubting and more progress being made. Sure, I’ve had to rip some stuff out and redo-but that also happens after hours of self sabotaging worry.
More of each section’s background fabric is in place, lots of stitching is happening  and the gradual dark to lightness is coming into being.

2 Responses to “Creative process under pressure”

  1. Kristen Says:

    This piece is absolutely beautiful!!

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