The Spaces Between VI takes shape-Pt. 2

Yay! Machine’s back!

Here’s the progress made on my new piece, The Spaces Between VI:

The-Spaces-Between-VI-in progress

It is probably about 80% done. I’m really loving working with a primarily gray palette. I like the way the other colors sit next to the grays. There are also some  metallic silver and shiny charmeuse that adds to the mix.

There will be some stitching or other elements that will cross over the blue (the space between) to connect in some way the other two parts.

I leave in a few days for a two week trip to visit my daughter in Hawaii (!) so this will await finishing till I return. I think it’s helpful to have a piece going with some planned next steps to help get restarted after a hiatus…

One Response to “The Spaces Between VI takes shape-Pt. 2”

  1. Energia Creativa Says:

    so beautiful

    I’m an artcounselor and a painter too.
    this morinig I ‘ve discovered your blog and web

    my congrats

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