Back from Paradise

I just returned from a two week visit with my daughter in Hawaii. It was my first time there and I’m still digesting all that gorgeous visual richness of colors and textures. Tropical fish, rain forests, sensuous warm sand, wild lava rock formations and sea turtles! Lots of ’em!

Green Sea Turtle

This one (about 2 or so feet long) was resting on  rocks near a fairly busy beach but didn’t seem to mind me sitting close by to draw a portrait. I loved drawing the patterns on the shell and limbs.

I was also fascinated by the lines and textures in the volcanic rock.  Some formations looked like thick black cake batter that had hardened while flowing.
lava flow rock

How all this visual input will effect my art remains to be seen but I trust it’s all percolating in me somewhere.

2 Responses to “Back from Paradise”

  1. Janet Brady Says:

    Hey Karen, I just left a message at your website. I’m adding your blog to my reading list.

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