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Dyed and ready

January 5, 2014

My fears that the results of all the hours of work experimenting with using resists ( including rocks) to felt would be unusable were unfounded! Even during the entire dyeing process, there was much grumbling and hand wringing (ask my partner in all things dyed, Kris McDermet!). Instead of the acid-dyeing-in-pots-on-the-stove method I was comfortable with, I tried directly applying the dye and then steaming to set. I felt this would give me more variation in the close range of color I was after. By the way, the direct application with rubber gloves on was like  squishy fingerpainting and a blast. But I had little control and feared a disaster.

Not so! after drying the dyed felting by my woodstove and pinning them up randomly on my design wall, I stood back and was pleased with what I saw!  I love the deep shadows and craters.
Many of these fragments will be the building blocks for my next group of pieces.

dyed resist felting

dyed resist felting