Seed Dreaming V

March 9, 2022

#fiberart #textileart #biomorphicart #vermontart #surfacedesign #fibreart

Seed Dreaming I

February 15, 2022

31″w x 34″h
fiberart #textileart #biomorphicart #vermontart #surfacedesign #fibreart

Next Piece!

February 8, 2022

Dyed silk and fibers all ready to be part of my next piece. Yummy colors!

New website!

August 3, 2021

I finally got it launched. Please come visit!

Life Goes On VI

October 4, 2020

Life Goes On VI

This new piece was commissioned by a longtime friend for her new apartment. Initially I was a bit nervous-worried I’d disappoint her. But she communicated so clearly about her ideas and truly trusted me and my creative decisions. So a really enjoyable process all around!


The Possibilities Are Endless III

February 17, 2020

New work! I guess, in my mind, the possibilities of expressing that possibilities are endless…are endless! I particularly loved doing all the hand stitching on this one.

The Possibilities Are Endless III

The Possibilities Are Endless II

December 17, 2019
My newest piece. I really find the process of cutting, placing and stitching all those small silk shapes very meditative.
It will be hung at Mitchell Giddings Fine Art gallery in Brattleboro,VT which is opening in its new beautiful space this Friday evening!
The Possibilities Are Endless II

Belgium Curator Talk

May 27, 2019

Guillaume Desanges speaking during a curator talk about two of my pieces hung in the show, “Matters of Concern”. I wish I could have heard what he had to say! The exhibit is up until July 6th at La Verriere gallery in Brussels.

The Possibilities are Endless

April 19, 2019

Finally finished! It’s a larger piece than usual for me but I really loved the process of working on this (not always the case!). The creating flowed and the niggling voice of self doubt stayed quiet.


The Possibilities are Endless
More info about this piece here.

Four Pieces Fly to Brussels

March 8, 2019

Today I shipped four pieces to Belgium to be part of the exhibition, “Matters of Concern” at La Verriere gallery in Brussels!

Seed Dreaming VI 72

Seed Dreaming VI

Seed Dreaming V 72

Seed Dreaming V

  • I was thrilled to be invited by Guillaume Desanges, an art critic and curator from Paris, to be included.  The show opens on April 27th and will run till July 6th.


  • Seed Dreaming I

    Seed Dreaming I