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I dye, paint and stitch cottons and silks to create boldly colored wallhangings inspired by microscopic/cellular level imagery – a kind of visual invented biology with textiles.

I find this imagery metaphorically rich since all change fundamentally happens on this infinitesimal level.

Starting with white cotton and silk, I add vibrant saturated color using dye and paint. Stitching adds lines of light and shadow as well as color. There is a tactile pleasure to handling and making art with fabric. I work loosely from sketches and concepts but each piece travels a route of evolution and change. My challenge is to trust the process to unfold.

In my long ago younger days, I studied art; primarily drawing and painting. After decades of detours through careers as a teacher and a psychologist, I have again happily created room in my life for art making. I began dyeing cloth and focusing on fiber art in the mid-nineties. I live in the woods of Southern Vermont.

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  1. Gabrielle O'Connor Says:

    Hi Karen

    just thought i’d share some of my students work with you as I have used your work to inspire our year 9/10 (13-14 year olds) textile project called ‘under the microscope’ you can view some of the work here

    thank you for inspiring us!

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      I just visited your students’ website and I’m very impressed with their success in capturing the organic lines, shapes and fluid movement of microscopic imagery. And the fabrics and 3D bits used are amazing. Was this a joint art/ science unit?
      Thanks so much for sharing this with me!

  2. shaema ali Says:

    Karen Kamentzky I came 2 ur website because at art we r studying about ur style of art work and having fun with my friend while doing a pastiche of ur art work.šŸ˜ƒ. Needed to do a research about u.

  3. Gretchen Langner Says:

    Love your work. May I post something of yours in red for tomorrow’s “women’s Strike” on my FB page??
    I will credit you
    Gretchen Langner
    Portland Maine

  4. Lea Adams Says:

    Hi Karen, I love your work. We are working on your artistry in class, and I really love how you make your work come to life with paint, dye and stitches.

    Keep doing what you are doing!

  5. Paula Sanders Says:

    I’ve been viewing your page, and I think your artwork is very beautiful! I was wondering, how long does it take you to make each piece? And, if you had to choose, which would you say is your favourite?

    Thanks for creating such amazing art,

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      Thank you, Paula, for your kind words! Each piece takes several months-time for both active dyeing, felting and stitching as well as lots of time pondering what to do next. I honestly couldn’t choose a favorite although, to me, some pieces are more successful than others. Thanks again for taking the time to write.
      Karen Kamenetzky

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