The latest Seed Dreaming

I’m working on a continuation of my Seed Dreaming series with some new twists. These will be large stand alone seeds which will then be mounted (somehow…working on lots of options at the moment) on a fixed silk covered frame for hanging. I’m hoping to have at least 3 or 4 done for my upcoming solo show at Mitchell Giddings Fine Art in August.

Here’s a detail of the first completed seed:

new seed- detail

new seed- detail


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2 Responses to “The latest Seed Dreaming”

  1. Marlies Zürcher, Ossingen CH Says:

    Hallo aus der Schweiz,
    ganz toll, was bei dir entsteht und wachsen kann.
    gerne schaue ich bei dir vorbei und freue mich…:-))
    Lieber Gruss

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