Roots of Rhythm X-Part 3

If you’re late to this party, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.
Now that the lower left and upper right cellular sections were mostly complete, I needed make some choices about how to use the  large space between them where I wanted to somehow show a flow happening. This took time-with  lots of ideas tried and rejected. This is the stage in the process where a lot of self doubt creeps in. I had a pile of felted “elements” which I had separately stitched to add shape and sculptural lines .  I knew I wanted to incorporate them but there were endless possibilities as to how. I considered color, balance and line as well as the abstract “story” in my head of what moment of change/transformation was happening. After weeks (really!), I found a direction, I was happy with.

Roots of Rhythm X-step 6

Roots of Rhythm X-step 6


some of the felt elements looking for a home

some of the felt elements looking for a home

Lines were couched to carve the space into flowing sections. I had known all along that including the blue felt was critical, but wasn’t happy till I stumbled on the “ladder” possibility.
This now defined the basic structure of the space so I was more sure of myself and confident I was moving in the right direction. It was then much clearer to see how to show movement and flow with stitching,the felt pieces and some lovingly placed french knots.



Next time: the whole enchilada done.

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6 Responses to “Roots of Rhythm X-Part 3”

  1. jane b (epocktextiles) Says:

    wonderful to see it coming together

  2. karen Says:

    Where do you find your microscopic images?

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