The chuppah done

My daughter’s wedding three weeks ago was an absolutely lovely day. My major contribution (besides my wonderful daughter, Caitlin) was creating the Chuppah that the ceremony would take place under. It was months in the making and was first unveiled at the ceremony. I created a piece that was a wedding gift to Caitlin and Alexandra and mounted it onto a larger panel of dyed silk gauze. This whole baby was then suspended by tall beech poles. Because of its purpose in the world, I found creating this felt very different. Lots of emotion went into this!

Here’s a full view of the piece which is titled “Cultivating Connection”. It now hangs on their wall.:

Cultivating Connection

Cultivating Connection

And a closer look…

Cultivating Connection detail

Cultivating Connection- detail

And here’s how it looked moments before the ceremony began…(sniff). The two on the right are my other wonderful children.

Chuppah at the ceremony

Chuppah at the ceremony!

One Response to “The chuppah done”

  1. Shelley Zimbalist Says:

    How absolutely beautiful! And with such love!


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