Potential IV

All that resist felting, dyeing, felt ball rolling and pocket filling has come together .

Potential IV

Potential IV

I’m still enjoying experimenting with combining silk and felted areas and pushing the boundaries of including increasingly 3D elements. Here’s a close up.

Potential IV detail

Potential IV detail

Any  feedback?

8 Responses to “Potential IV”

  1. Josie Gray Says:


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  2. archytech Says:

    Yes! The colors and textures are amazing. You are really pushing into new territory and I love it.

  3. Louise Hall Says:

    I’m sure photos don’t do this piece justice. Love the dimension and textures. Great stuff!

  4. mmgfiberdesigns Says:

    this is beautiful, love it!

  5. Nora Adriana Mato Says:

    hola Karen, me encantan tus obras, podría yo pintarlas en acrilico?, necesito tu aprobación, muchas gracias, Nora

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      Hello Nora, thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to ask for permission. It is fine to paint the design as long as you aren’t painting it to sell because of copywrites. I would live to see an image of your finished painting!
      All the best, Karen Kamenetzky

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