Worlds Apart

I’m continuing to experiment with combining areas of felting with areas of stitched silk. The felting in this new piece began last summer when I felted with my 90 year old mom and began using resists to create channels .
The composition of Worlds Apart was partly defined by those sections of felting I wanted to include. I like beginning a piece with some external constraints-it helps my indecisive and dithering mind to focus!

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

The title came instantly to me. It satisfies my need for a piece to be exploring many metaphrical levels at once (at least in my mind!). It is essentially about the relationship between two entities that share some similarities but have fundamental differences- be they cells, people, ideas…

Worlds Apart detail

Worlds Apart detail

As always, the felted areas were dreamy to stitch into-like carving into soft clay!



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