Jerry’s World

I promise i will post about my own current work in the next few days BUT I had to share this first. It’s rare that I get so blown away and excited to see how a person can develop such an original and brilliant artform. This should be inspiring to any creative  folks out there!

jerry's world-very small detail

jerry’s world-very small detail

Jerry Gretzinger has been creating a stunning sprawling map of a detailed imaginary world panel by panel for 50 years. This visually sumptious creation- made of paint, ink and collage-now spans over 2000 sheets of paper that fit together to create this world. And his process…how he decides each day what part of the world to change and develop…well you just have to watch this 9 minute video:

AND a portion of this artwork will be installed at my own local Brattleboro Museum this week. I can’t wait to see it in person.

One Response to “Jerry’s World”

  1. Holiday Paintings Guy Says:

    This is beautiful, the detail that must have gone into it is astounding!

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