Wanna touch?

Lighting is everything.

I just finished a new piece-Seed Dreaming IV. It’s part of my series based on the Australian aboriginal saying, “The plant is the dream of the seed.”

Because it has raised “bas relief” features ( thick felting, silk covered thick cotton cording, dense stitching and more…), it was a bear to photograph!

Lighting it as one would a 2-D piece resulted in an evenly lit but flat washed out photo:

flat and washed out

flat and washed out

Where are the lovely crevices and shadows? Ugh.

So the lights were moved slightly at more of an angle and it helped a little:

a bit better...

a bit better…

But, oh, when the lights were moved to an acute angle to the piece-THEN the luscious texture came alive:

Seed Dreaming IV

Seed Dreaming IV

Here’s a detail:

Seed Dreaming IV detail

Seed Dreaming IV detail

I want to make a viewer really want to reach out and touch it! Do you?



6 Responses to “Wanna touch?”

  1. Linda elder Says:

    Yes I do wanna touch. Beautiful work as always.

  2. Amy Kahn Says:

    This is so gorgeous and luscious, Karen ……… of course I want to touch it. Thank you for sharing the lighting evolution of this piece.

  3. ekesexperimentsEke Krug Says:

    It is beautiful and definitely touchable. Hope to see more of this work …..

  4. Eke Krug Says:


  5. Carol Stringer Says:

    This piece is wonderful! I love your use of color and deep texture.

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