Batiking in Ghana 3

It’s been decades since I’ve experimented with stamping with wax but Dan was a patient teacher. I tended toward being heavy handed.

Karen stamping

Karen stamping

Here is Dan’s assistant, Elizabeth showing how it should be done!

Notice how she doesn’t even look at the vat of hot wax as she dips. I, on the other hand, had a number of hot splatters on my hands and feet!

The fabric was hung outside for the wax to dry-it took only a few minutes in the sun.

Meanwhile, Dan helped me mix the vat dyes we would use. He shares my style of mixing dye-no pesky measuring spoons.

mixing dye

mixing dye

I had never used vat dyes before-it apparently involves some nasty chemical reactions. so I was grateful for the mask.
Next came the actual dyeing…a lovely blue:



Then, letting it dry in the sun while greeting neighbors…



…then stamping with block 2 ( I was a bit smoother that time), mixing my next color-purple- and the overdye.

Next post: the results and more about Dan’s process!


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