Off to Ghana!

I leave on Sunday for a month in Ghana, West Africa!

Four weeks solidly outside my comfort zone but I’m (mostly) ready to drink in fresh imagery, colors and wild adventures. I leave a half done piece on my design wall and many half formed art ideas in my head. How will this immersive experience shake up all those notions and expand my visual vocabulary? I hope quite a bit!

kente cloth

kente cloth

There is a tremendous amount of fiber and non fiber related art in Ghana and I intend to explore it all!

kente weaverkente weaver

kente weaver

making adinkra clothx

making adinkra cloth

My goal is to stay open and flexible (not my strong suit!).

I’ll report back in a month!


One Response to “Off to Ghana!”

  1. Maris Cavanagh Says:

    Have a wonderful trip…..can’t wait to hear all about it.

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