Life Goes On II

Life Goes On II

Life Goes On II

To create the fabric for this piece, I first collected smooth stones from Halladay Brook next to my house. By placing the stones on cotton that I had painted with dye, the dye molecules migrated away from the covered areas leaving ghostly serendipitous circles.

Don’t ask me why, I think of it as some sort of magic… Anyone out there know the answer??

Here’s a closer look:

Life Goes On- detail

Life Goes On- detail

3 Responses to “Life Goes On II”

  1. Teresa Funes Says:

    Thank you for your art. It is fabulous.

  2. linda elder Says:

    Wonderful work. Thanks for telling us how you did it.

  3. elle Says:

    the reason for the transition would be related to what type of dye you used, I would think. Different dyes respond to different mordants. Back in the day, took a class at CCA(C) on dye theory.

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