Never too old to create

For weeks I’ve had some ideas rattling around of some different approaches to making felted material for my work. Up till now I would first dye various fibers then pick and choose from that stash to use as I laid out layers to wet felt. this would leave me with  bags of unused dyed fiber. Since recently I’m taken with monochromatic felting (the better to emphasize texture), why not felt first and dye later?? I also wanted to try out using cotton cording as a resist while felting creating ridges or channels (if cut open).

So yesterday i had the opportunity to experiment with my 90 year old Mom as my studio assistant!

Felting with Mom 1

Felting with Mom 1

mom felt 2

mom felt 2


What fun! The results are drying on the porch. I’ll let you know how successful this all was soon.


5 Responses to “Never too old to create”

  1. Patricia Fogleman Says:

    LOVE hearing what you are up to! Can’t wait to see the results…

  2. ekeskleurdesign Says:

    Felting with your mom, it seems very special to me. I hope the results of your partnership are great, but I think working together on it was the greatest creation.

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      It really was a remarkable afternoon! She was so worried she’d “do it wrong”.I think she was surprised at how much I just wing it. I kept saying, “You really can’t make a mistake felting!”. : )

  3. Worlds Apart | Karen Kamenetzky Fiber Art Says:

    […] areas of felting with areas of stitched silk. The felting in this new piece began last summer when I felted with my 90 year old mom and began using resists to create channels . The composition of Worlds Apart was partly defined by […]

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