Possibilities take shape

I wrote last post about the inevitable times of frustrating dead ends that seem to be a part of every journey I take to a finished piece.  But this eventually leads to some sort of shift-and what was keeping me stuck becomes clear. In this case, I was operating with the confining assumption that this next piece would be a third in the Beneath series (see here and here). I had more of that avocado shaded felt from those pieces so  it seemed logical to continue that series…

Not until I let go of that could I see that (obviously!) the material I had called out to become a new Seed Dreaming piece ( see here and here). I suddenly got excited by the possibilities of metaphorically using the complexities of the felted surfaces  to express my intent of the Seed Dreaming pieces.

So now potential possibilities are present (say 3 times fast). Lots of decisions to come but I’m confident I’ve found a path to move forward. Here are some peeks of order emerging from previous chaos:

Work in Progress_Seed Dreaming I_1

Work in Progress_Seed Dreaming I_1

seed-iv-new felting

seed-iv-new felting






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