Beneath II-in progress

My messy worktable

My messy worktable

There is much joy for me at my worktable right now! There is also much mess.

These are colors I love to work with and see next to each other. A lot of the happiness that my art brings me has to do with small things like that.

What’s coming into being on my worktable will eventually be added as the “beneath” element in this new piece. Stitching added texture onto the felted surface is a blast,too. This section is partially stitched.

Beneath II-in progress

Beneath II-in progress

I’m contemplating using the light orange variegated thread in the stitching so it’s hanging there-auditioning. Decisions like this are sometimes hard for me…


5 Responses to “Beneath II-in progress”

  1. Eke Krug Says:

    Green and orange, I love that combination. Even when I was a child I used that in my geography lessons. Your work is wonder full!

  2. krismcdermet Says:

    Beautiful Karen-I love the combination of the silk fibers!

  3. g Says:

    I like a messy worktable. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Patricia Fogleman Says:

    For me, a certain amount of “mess” is a part of the whole process…

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