Serious felting

So I guess I’m kinda late to the Dutch fiber artist, Claudy Jongstra, party and I only found out about her work serendipitously. A member of my wonderful art crit group had just gotten back from Philadelphia and sent me an image of her immense monochromatic felted wall panels that are installed in the “Lightcourt” of the new Barnes Foundation building and I was immediately fascinated.
Lightcourt installation
I found her website and poured over the images of her richly textured, mostly monochromatic, usually large scale FELTED work she has created.

Jongstra2Something about seeing the deliberate textural lines got my ideas and creative juices a-flowing! I think it’s the intersection of my quest to find new ways to use fiber to create the organic lines and patterns in my head and the possibilities of being more deliberate in forming varied felted textures. I can’t wait to get some time and space to  play around.

Jongstra3AND did I mention that she raises her own sheep for the wool to felt AND grows the flowers to use in her natural dyeing.
That all does leave me feeling woefully inadequate…



4 Responses to “Serious felting”

  1. Barbara Laverick Says:

    A flock of a thousand ewe’s begins with one little lamb…

  2. nuvofelt Says:

    Lovely texture. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing what you do with the inspiration. 🙂

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