Dismount and Big Finish

Maybe I’ve watched too much Olympics?

This large commission is now SO close to done. Figuring out how to securely attach sew on velcro to a curved edge was a challenge! I’m doing lots of extra hand stitching to make sure it hangs well when installed. Because I’ve never used velcro especially over a 7 foot expanse, and because I can’t test it out (I don’t have a curved wall with an adhesive strip of velcro on it), I’m kinda flying blind. Here it is on my work table  showing part of the backing and  a section of clipped velcro.

Big finish

Big finish

It’s scheduled to be photographed next week. The photographer has come up with a solution to how to shoot this. It can’t be hung on a wall. It will lay on the floor and he’ll shoot it with a camera mounted 11 feet above. I’ll try to get some photos of that to share…

Then I deliver it to Boston the following week!

One Response to “Dismount and Big Finish”

  1. archytech Says:

    The colors are luscious, can’t wait to see those photos!

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