State of the Commission-the end is in sight!

I’ve been working on this 7 foot piece for over 2 months and have been enjoying almost all of the process. I’m still learning about communication/negotiations with a client through a consultant. It’s tricky. Part of the problem has stemmed from my neanderthal photography skills. I sent a requested “halfway done” image several weeks ago naively thinking that the purpose was to simply show that I’m truly working hard on this and progress is happening. The image was way off in color and the lighting reflected off the satiny silk in a way that made the piece look  garish orange and purple. The consultant called and was very concerned…

After finally getting some closer to real color images to her, I think all is well again.

Commission as of 6-30-12

Commission as of 6-30-12

Here’s a closer look at the least finished area:

detail- in progress

detail- in progress

She had some really good suggestions of how to quietly work in a bit more of the client’s suggested colors and I like the results. These image have some peach and lemon silk pinned on to show where they will eventually live. There are also a few pieces of green pinned for try outs but they did not make the final cut.

5 Responses to “State of the Commission-the end is in sight!”

  1. TM Says:

    What a lucky client….wish this was my mine! I’m really enjoying your posts of your work progress.

  2. Sharon Robinson Says:

    It’s beautiful. I’ve loved reading and seeing your process and progress. Are the peach and lemon the client’s request? Can’t wait to see it finished.

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      Thanks Sharon! The peach, lemon and apricot fabrics was per the client’s request but does look stunning. I just started adding those colors as larger elements on the far right but in a way that let’s most of that stitching still show.

  3. Sharon Robinson Says:

    I think those colors really help to give it depth… Are you getting close to done now??

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