Stitching/sculpting nuno felt

I was determined to find ways to incorporate small sections of nuno felting into this large commission I’m working on. I had had the foresight ( it happens occasionally) to throw hunks of roving, mohair and silk cocoons into the dye pots when dyeing the charmeuse for this project. That way I could create pieces of nuno felt that exactly blended in with the overall piece.

I originally thought I’d use small pieces-squares or circles-stitched around the edges. But then I had the idea of cutting it into the flowing shapes (10 to 12 inches long) that echoed the recurring shapes in the larger piece. That looked wonderful.

I first stitched only around the perimeters but the fuzzy wild texture was a bit too much next to its smooth silk neighbors. The solution was to overstitch which successfully tamed the fiber and was a blast to do.  It felt like sculpturing/drawing through icing. And the results look to me like a relief carving.

Nuno stitched

Nuno stitched

I’m very happy with this.


2 Responses to “Stitching/sculpting nuno felt”

  1. Peggy Creswell Says:

    Just joined your FB site–your work is beautiful, and I agree that your nuno felt process turned our beautifully!

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