Commission: Foundation construction

I thought of calling this post “The Unmentionables” because it’s really about how I construct the “foundation garments” so to speak.
After measuring and remeasuring many times, the batting was cut with some extra all around to compensate for the effects of  future dense stitching. A layer of muslin was fused on to keep the texture of the batting (Warm and Natural”) from showing up later. The inner curve was drawn onto the fused muslin the cut made. I did some rough sketching directly on the muslin to orient myself to this 7 foot expanse and then glued on cotton cording to create raised ridges that emphasize key sweeps of line.

batting/muslin with cotton cord

batting/muslin with cotton cord

The background dyed silk charmeuse fabric was then fused onto this base with extra around the edges for later finishing. The richly varigated colors didn’t want to be photograghed so it looks redder than in real life.

With background silk fused on

With background silk fused on

I then stitched along either side of the cording to make those lines sharp.

I should get sponsorship from Pellon because I’ve used over a bolt of Wonder Under fusible web so far on the dyed fabrics for this project!



3 Responses to “Commission: Foundation construction”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Fascinating! Thank you for sharing such interesting, behind the scenes, info!

  2. Fabienne Says:

    I’m looking forward to watching your progress, thanks so much for your generous sharing.

  3. Patricia Fogleman Says:

    I too am so thankful to you for sharing this process!

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