Commission: The design

The grand vision for this piece has already gone through several evolutions and I’m sure will go through more in the future. Originally it was going to be about 7+ feet long and about 4 feet high. That seemed daunting to handle and I felt it might look like a block of wallpaper on the curved wall where it will live.

So I proposed splitting it into two horizontal parts:

rough sketch for curved wall 1

rough sketch for curved wall 1

Everyone seemed happy with this, But then I had the brainstorm to make the separation between the two parts a curve that would echo the lines in the piece:

Alternate shape

Alternate shape

I got a thumbs up for that and so submitted a sketch with the new shape:

Design in grayscale

Design in grayscale

This started as a color study-but my pastels and colored pencils ended up looking garish. So I put it into grayscale ( a very useful tool in Photoshop!) and did some photoshop tweeking. This is generally my working sketch at the moment…though the internal elements will morph as I go along.


2 Responses to “Commission: The design”

  1. archytech Says:

    It’s looking very interesting. Is it derived from a particular type of cellular structure? I like the split you made. I would have thought of following the shapes of the piece, but this ties it back together better. Thanks for sharing!

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      Good question! I did try at first to follow the lines of the piece but decided I liked the lines to pull the viewer’s eyes flow from one shape to the other. It’s not based on any overall cell imagery-totally invented!

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