New large commission-the beginning

I’ve gotten the go ahead to start work on a 7 foot long commission and I’m going to attempt to be organized enough to document its creation here. We’ll see…

It will live on a very large curved wall and will be attached with velcro strips (technical challenges are in my future!). I had to rebuild my design wall to accomodate this length and decided to go with gray felt instead of my previous black. This is partly because my studio is one end of our large bedroom and a 12′ black wall seemed a bit goth and gloomy.. Here’s the new design wall/blank canvas:

New design wall

New design wall

I spent some time last week dyeing silk charmeuse and some new alpaca yarn specifically for this commission. I also experimented with Color Magnet while doing this dyeing. Very yummy results. So here’s my palette:

Dyed for commission

Dyed for commission

Next time: the design



4 Responses to “New large commission-the beginning”

  1. Patricia Fogleman Says:

    I will LOVE following this process. How someone begins a design and chooses tools and materials is absolutely fascinating to me. Thank you for sharing the journey!

  2. krismcdermet Says:

    How interesting it will be to start the journey of this piece. Looking forward to all the steps!

  3. archytech Says:

    Yes, I will be eager to follow your progress. I’d feel a little “quilter’s block” looking at that pile of lovely fabrics and fibers.

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