You Are Here-done

It’s been a long process with lots of life distractions but my newest piece, You Are Here, is finished!
You Are Here It’s really a grand experiment in creating with dyed silk gauze – wonderful texture and translucence  but  a bear to handle and sew. But I love the serendipitous results of folding, sewing and ironing. It forms lovely sensuous curves and lines.

You Are Here - detail

You Are Here - detail

That’s some about the technique of creating this but what’s with the name and symbol-y things and color/value shifts?? Well the ideas running through my head had to do with levels of awareness/ confusion/understanding due to proximity/obstacles/light.

What does it evoke for you?


3 Responses to “You Are Here-done”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    LOVE your work. This piece is fabulous. Would you object to my pinning it to Pinterest? I don’t like to do that from a non-commercial site without asking first.

  2. Fiber Lily Says:

    These are truly beautiful.

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