A Tale of a Touching Sale

A few weeks ago a woman contacted me asking if a certain piece of mine was available. It was, so we started exchanging a few emails about the logistics of completing the sale.

Then she shared that this purchase was her way of celebrating some very good news she’d just received about her second bout of breast cancer.

That choked me right up. I shared with her about my own breast cancer treatment 6 years ago and how this piece was part of a series I made at that time to help me cope and stay positive. Knowing that this piece is now hanging in her home warms my heart.

Like the bumper sticker says…Don’t postpone joy.

One Response to “A Tale of a Touching Sale”

  1. Josie Says:

    What an amazing connection!! You must have really put your heart and your intentions into that piece, for it to be “felt” by her in such a similar way. Art is alive!

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