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I just passed the 100 post mark on this blog. When I started it 2 1/2 years ago, I was skeptical of its value- to me OR to others. In my initial post I said:

” I’m hoping this blog will be a way for me to be more reflective about my own creative process and to start dialogues with other art makers and appreciators.”

Surprisingly, I feel maintaining this blog has helped me be more self-reflective about my twisty creative path and what outside influences come onto play. Though posting regularly is always a challenge.

Roots of Rhythm II detail

Roots of Rhythm II detail

And I’ve certainly heard from lots of folks and appreciate their comments!. I’d love more back and forth discussions to be happening though. I need to get better at directly asking for feedback!
Any suggestions about what you’d like to hear more (or less!) about in this blog??

4 Responses to “100+ Posts”

  1. Sharon Robinson Says:

    Hi Carol, Since you asked –
    You are one of my favorite fiber artists, so my first answer to “what do you want to hear more about?” is Everything! But I realize that’s not too helpful. I’m very interested in how you use a very scientific subject – cell structures, etc. – as a basis for abstraction. I come from a more structured discipline as well (architecture) and I am interested in using maps, aerial photographs as a basis for my work. I find it hard to “take off” from reality at some point…
    I also really admire your color and material choices so I’d love to hear more about your experiences dying fabric and yarn, like the last post. Do you deliberately limit your color palette so you will have a consistent body of work, or just use colors you like?
    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your creative process during the early stages of a piece, decision making, evolution of the idea from the start to finish….

    Probably a lot more things I could ask for, but just thought I’d leave a comment to let you know that your blog really is appreciated. Happy New Year to you!


    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      First of all, Sharon, thank you for taking the time to give me such a thoughtful and detailed response!
      I’ll try to answer at least some of your questions.
      How do I “… use a very scientific subject – cell structures, etc. – as a basis for abstraction.”
      A great question and complicated. I sometimes read and look at images of a specific biological process like how water moves through a plant. That leads me to think about the metaphors embedded in that: drawing sustenance, transformation, conduits of change…to brainstorm a few. When I then design/sketch a piece, those metaphors are a big part of the design. It has to work for me on several levels to keep me interested. I also don’t see the pieces I make as purely abstract. There’s always a “story” going on for me and I’m sort of illustrating that story.
      To me cellular imagery is chockablock full of shapes and images that can be players in my metaphorical illustration. AND it IS what’s going on on a whole other level of our world!

      “Do you deliberately limit your color palette so you will have a consistent body of work, or just use colors you like?”
      I mostly use colors I like. I sometimes challenge myself to stretch my palette. Sometimes I fall in love with a dyeing “mistake” and just have to use it!
      I’ll try to do more of the “start to finish of a piece” posts. I sometimes intend to and then forget to take pictures…
      Thanks again, Sharon. It helps me to have to articulate what goes on in my (strange)head!

  2. Sharon Robinson Says:

    Thanks for the quick answer. It’s interesting to hear your comments on abstraction. I find I either do totally abstract geometrical things, or more literal pictorial stuff, when what I want to aim for is more like you describe – an abstracted image that still has a basis in reality. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      Your very welcome, Sharon! I like the way you described it as ” an abstracted image that still has a basis in reality”. That fits for me except, in my case it’s sort of my own invented reality. But maybe that’s the case in aby abstracted image. I do a lot of sketching which opens up that channel for me.

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