You Are Here

I finally got my camera situation fixed so I can post about the newest piece I’m working on. I decided I wanted to explore more ways to  manipulate and layer dyed silk gauze. I love the subtle shifts in color and value when it’s folded or pleated and the wonderfully organic serendipitous edges that are created when ironing it down.

But I knew doing this on a larger scale was going to take me into Technical Difficulties. Which it has. But I’ve perservered. Here’s the working sketch for this piece:

"You Are Here" working sketch

"You Are Here" working sketch

I first acid dyed yards of silk gauze in gradations of gray and blue gray. I have since overdyed some of the fabric with setacolor to tone some of it down.
Here’s a peek at a detail of the work in progress:

You Are Here-in progress 1

You Are Here-in progress 1

I’ll post more soon about my inspiration behind this design.

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