Nailed it!

I looked forward to my Artist Talk last Thursday evening at the Brattleboro Museum with a mixture of excitement and dread-mostly excitement. The process of creating and organizing a slide show that would best allow me to explain my process was daunting but valuable. Being forced to articulate my somewhat meandering creative process was a healthy exercise and actually gave me some new perspective on my work.
How and why does a series get started and continue? What about cellular imagery fires up my imagination? How do I put these babies together?

Before the talk-me on the right.

Before the talk-me on the right.

It was a full house which made me happy. Once I got started, I relaxed and was able to enjoy the experience! It helped to get a few initial laughs (you’d think I was a stand up comic-but that’s how I was raised…humor is important).

During the talk

During the talk

Lots of great questions from the audience which included students from a local college fiber arts class!

Viewing the exhibit

Viewing the exhibit

So very pleased with the whole experience!

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