Hanging the solo show

I just finished helping with the hanging of my 10 pieces at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center. Hanging at a museum apparently involves more math and perfection than I can muster.

hanging the show 1

hanging the show 1

Here I am with the exhibit coordinator Margaret trying to understand the complicated steps as explained by the curator, Mara. We tried hard but still screwed it up.

hanging the show 3

hanging the show 3

hanging the show 2

hanging the show 2

Luckily my wunderbar husband, Geoff was there to make it work.
Friends stopped by with helpful suggestions and encouragement. Notice the sticky roller in my hand.  Since I failed at the actual hanging, I assigned myself the important job of making sure my cat’s long white fur wasn’t also part of the exhibit.

hanging the show 4

hanging the show 4

It actually does look amazing all hung and I’m very excited for the Friday opening!


2 Responses to “Hanging the solo show”

  1. josie Says:

    So exciting!!! Great idea to do a post on the pre-show process… and your wundervar husband! 🙂

  2. ali Says:

    Thanks for this enticing preview–I’m eager to see the show!

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