Back in the saddle

About a month ago I whined and fretted about my creative block…well I’m back! Despite a constant (wonderful) revolving door of family visits, I stole small moments to peck away at the new piece on my design wall.

I think when time is short it’s easier for me to stop dithering and start fusing.
Here’s a snippet. The colors are wrong somehow-there is NO pink in this piece! It’ll be a bear to photograph when finished.

work in progress detail

work in progress detail

Now I find my mind is percolating with ideas. I need to remember this and next time the creative block panic starts…trust in the process.

8 Responses to “Back in the saddle”

  1. Kris McDermet Says:

    Glad the mind is back at work. Are they all oranges-lush and beautiful? Is there taffeta?

  2. ali Says:

    Ooooh…so juicy! Makes me want to sing.

  3. macey Says:

    Hi, could you tell me the equipment used to create this art work. Paint, pencils, sewing?

  4. macey Says:

    Thanks, also I’m doing a project about your work so could you just tell me what is it about cells that inspires you the most?

  5. macey Says:

    ? šŸ™‚

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