Leonard Ragouzeos workshop

Last summer during the Rock River Studio Tour, I visited Leonard Ragouzeos‘ studio and watched fascinated as he playfully sloshed ink on  shiny paper using unconventional tools to create subtle monochromatic values. But I also noticed that this technique caused the wet ink to form intricate visually interesting organic/cellular textures. I was blown away and wanted to push him out of the way and play with this new toy!
Well, last weekend, I had the delightful privilege of taking a one day ink on paper workshop with Leonard. He uses this medium (he invented) to make gorgeous  large scale representational monochromatic paintings like this:



and this:

Leonard Ragouzeos creating

Leonard Ragouzeos creating

Using ultra smooth Yupo paper, water soluable ink, spray bottles of water and diluted ammonia, brushes, squeegees, blow dryers and brayers,  I happily played for 4 hours. I was not so successful (an understatement) at trying to control the ink and create representational images BUT I had a blast experimenting with creating small scale mini-universes with amazing depth and organic texture and line. These scans don’t really capture it…

ink 1

ink 1

ink 2

ink 2

I have a fierce hankering now to try to use the wet ink patterns on the paper to make monoprints onto fabric and even bought a pad of Yupo.  Ink comes in lots of colors, too! Anyone out there have any suggestions to help me be successful?


5 Responses to “Leonard Ragouzeos workshop”

  1. Kris McDermet Says:

    Great Karen to open up another possibility for making beautiful fabric using your new techniques! It will be exciting to see.

  2. ali Says:

    Keep going–that’s my suggestion. These are fascinating!

  3. ainescannell Says:

    Karen this is a great technique thanks for posting I particularly like the final image in this post.

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