Percolation or procrastination?

For well over a month now I have had nada on my design wall. I’ve briefly played with a few new materials (fusing crushed taffetta-lots of possibilities!) and have done a few sketches. There are some bits of ideas floating around in my head but nothing that has coalesced into a firm Direction.

Cellview X

Cellview X

In the past when I’d go through a period like this I would feel really awful and out of whack: I’m a failure, there are no ideas left in me, I’m no artist… I’m haunted by that quote, “Creativity is 10% inspiration and 90% perspriration!” Who said that??

I’m really trying to view this time differently now. I’m trying to trust that valuable, creatively juicy percolation is happening down deep and something exciting will bubble up from it. And I’m consciously taking steps to hurry that along. I’m hoping to take a one day workshop this weekend exploring mark making and value using ink on slippery Yupo paper. A local artist,  Leonard Ragouzeos, does amazing work with these materials.

I have been really busy with the business/marketing end of art making: helping my local art group put on a show in two weeks, getting small work framed for that… so that feels good.

Any of you go through fallow times like this? How do you deal with it?

6 Responses to “Percolation or procrastination?”

  1. virginia Says:

    I am going thru one of those times NOW!! and I don’t deal with them that well but I think u are right about the percolating. I think we just need to keep believing in ourselves and know that the work will come when the time is right!! but thank u for blogging about this becaue it is nice to know i am not the only one going thru this 🙂 peace

  2. ali Says:

    I seem to have waves of inspiration/production for a time, then low tide sets in and things go dry. What helps me through is knowing that this, too, shall pass. Maybe thinking of it as a time to walk the beach and gather shells (metaphorically, of course, although literally being on the beach helps me, too) will help. Often, after a period of shallow water, the waves return bringing me new ideas and new directions. I’m sure that “valuable, creatively juicy percolation” is just waiting to surface for you!

  3. Jeanne marklin Says:

    I Have had those periods too. Usually a trip into nature, to a new city or art exhibit helps. MassMoca is always stimulating new ideas!

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      I haven’t been to MassMoca in a few years- maybe I’m due for a trip! I agree that new experiences- visual and otherwise-are important to get creative juices flowing. I just ran into an Andrew Goldsworthy book yesterday in a store. Looking at images of his work opens up doors of possibility….

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