A kindred spirit

I’m so glad a friend shared an  article yesterday about the artwork of Jodi Colella.  She is an innovative fiber artist who constructs sculptural organic forms out of felted wool, screen, crocheted wire, hand spun plastic bags (she calls “plarn”!) and various other found objects.

Undercurrent; Aluminum screen, steel wire   6 ft x 8 ft 6 in x 7 in

Undercurrent; Aluminum screen, steel wire 6 ft x 8 ft 6 in x 7 in

I am particularly impressed with her ability to create these 3D objects using fiber. Recently I’ve been exploring ways to introduce more three dimensionality into  my wall hangings through added textural elements.

Jodi’s work goes straight to sculpture- forms you can often walk around or hold. It seems she didn’t start from the “artquilt” universe and need to break out of those constraints (which I feel is my constant struggle). Brava!


Insatiable; Mixed Fiber, Floral wire, paint, 12"x24"

2 Responses to “A kindred spirit”

  1. ali Says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these.

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