A busy art filled summer ahead

I finally sat down with a calendar to plot out all the upcoming shows and events that my art will be a part of. It was feeling overwhelming and too much for my small brain to keep tabs on but now it all seems doable and exciting.

Fundamental Change IV

Fundamental Change IV

Here are some of the highlights:

Gallery in the Woods-I’m part of a 3 person show at this unique Brattleboro, Vermont gallery. Happening now!

got art?-Have you heard of the annual Strolling of the Heifers parade, an event to celebrate Vermont’s dairy tradition? Well it’s grown into a huge all day pun-filled affair with tens of thousands of visitors descending on Brattleboro. My fellow artists at Brattleboro West Arts will present a 3 day only exhibit at a downtown gallery space. Lots of luscious art. All dairy-free!      June 3-5

Vermont Quilt Festival-Look for my work as part of a special show of contemporary fiber artists.       June 24-26

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center-My solo show!! Ten never before displayed pieces!           July-October

So there will be lots of shipping and hanging and de-cathairing and postering and schmoozing with folks in my future! Life’s good.

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