Seed Dreaming III is almost fully dreamt

I still have 3-4 days more of hand stitching but this new piece is almost done. Usually during the course of creating, I hit several “what the hell am I doing??!?!” times of dark self-doubt. But this process has been an exception. Those moments have been few and fleeting and overall I stayed in a rare (for me) pleasurably confident place.

A few months ago I took a nuno felting class at New England Felting Supply in Easthampton, Ma.-an exhausting but fun and inspiring experience. Just walking around their vast store stocked to the gills with hundreds of beautiful and unusual fibers to drool over is worth the trip!

In this class we were to make a nuno felted scarf which I dutifully did knowing full well it was destined to be chopped up for my uses! It came out with very interesting textures and lines but would have been an ugly ugly scarf. So here are some remaining scraps after cutting it up to be used in Seed Dreaming III:

nuno felted ex-scarf

nuno felted ex-scarf

And here’s a detail shot of the still in progress Seed Dreaming III showing those cut up pieces put to good use:

Seed Dreaming III (WIP) detail

Seed Dreaming III (WIP) detail


2 Responses to “Seed Dreaming III is almost fully dreamt”

  1. Kris McDermet Says:

    Can’t wait to see it finished and then decide how I will use my “scarf’. Getting lots done in Calif.-lots of rain-lots of time indoors! Happy mud season. Kris

  2. Kris McDermet Says:

    Karen so nice to see this finished!

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