Seed Dreaming II is done

The blizzard has delayed getting this to my wonderful photographer, Laurie Indenbaum, for professional shooting so I took this picture where it hangs now in my living room.

Seed Dreaming II

Seed Dreaming II

Yes, my walls are that color (and other saturated colors). My husband says it’s like living in my artwork. I think he means that in a good way.

I’m very happy with this piece. It was tricky compositionally and the construction was a challenge with all the 3-d elements. I’m really loving working with the rich dyed colors and luscious feel of silk charmuese-and its nap shifts the colors slightly when you move past.
Hopefully I’ll have better photos in a few days that will show details that are lost in this picture.

Any feedback?

2 Responses to “Seed Dreaming II is done”

  1. Susan Balch Says:

    Stunning! Your work continues to amaze and inspire me! I can’t wait to see it closer. Is your photographer in Vermont?

  2. karenkamenetzky Says:

    Thank you, Susan. I’m often ambivalent looking at a finished piece but this time I like the way it turned out!
    Lucky for me, my photographer also works just up the road from me for a violin maker/neighbor. She has a photo shooting setup there.

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