Under Construction- Seed Dreaming II

I finally replaced my recently deceased old camera so I’m able to play catch up here and talk about the progress on my newest piece, Seed Dreaming II.

I first prepared the base by starting with a piece of Warm and Natural batting with a fused on piece of purple  cotton. I drew the pattern of ridges with fabric glue and laid down cotton filler cord to create ridges. Then delicious blue charmeuse was fused on top leaving room for the next element.

Seed-Dreaming-II-under construction 1

Seed Dreaming II-under construction 1


Meanwhile, back on my work table, I was constructing the seed using layers of batting to provide definition. Sewing all this down and deciding on the best sequence of construction was a real challenge for me. Lots of mistakes and swear words.

Seed Dreaming II- under construction 2

Seed Dreaming II- under construction 2

After a few broken needles and much gnashing of teeth, the seed was finally ready for the inner “dreaming” bits. This part is the most fun for me and I’m in the midst of it and happy. Here it is part way done.

Seed Dreaming II-under consrtuction 3

Seed Dreaming II-under construction 3

More to come…


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