Experimenting with depth and texture

On my newest piece, Seed Dreaming I, I tried different ways of creating raised  ridges. I wanted  more 3D lines sharply defined by light and shadow. I’m happy with the result!

Seed Dreaming I

Seed Dreaming I

I glued cotton cording onto the batting. After painting a large piece of  silk with acrylic gray tones, I carefully fused it onto the batting.  I love the deep shadows and the contrast of the almost industrial gray and the vibrant charmeuse “seed”.

The title, by the way, is from a phrase I read years ago explaining the aboriginal belief that “the plant is the dream of the seed”.  Something about that speaks to me.

One Response to “Experimenting with depth and texture”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Love it! Miss you! Will be in VT beginning Feb… see you then!

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