What a great Studio Tour weekend!

I’m so so glad I was a part of this very successful open studio tour. I really didn’t know what to expect. What I didn’t at all expect was how amazing it was to have the opportunity to talk to the over 150 visitors who came through! They asked interesting questions and shared their own stories. There was also, of course, lots of marketing (mini MOO cards were a big hit) and a number of sales, too. But, honestly, the connections I made with people made all the prep work well worth it.

Seeing so much of my work up at once was wild! Having the opportunity to talk about my art (to an interested audience!) was a bonus-it gave me a chance to reflect about choices I’ve made and paths that I want to explore further.

Here’s what the space I used at my good friend’s newly restored early 19th century house looked like without all the people:

studio tour view 1

I did informal demos of fusing and free motion stitching.
Through the doorway you can see the line of hand dyed silk I was selling.

studio tour view 2

studio tour view 2

I had made a number of smaller mounted pieces for the studio tour. It was good to have some more affordable art available.

view 3

view 3

I will definitely be a part of thisĀ  again next year!

2 Responses to “What a great Studio Tour weekend!”

  1. Laurie Says:


    How wonderful! It sounds like it was more than worth it and you made meaningful connections with interested folks. So sorry I couldn’t be there…

    Love to you.

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