Working Small

I’ll be part of the Brattleboro West Arts Studio Tour on September 25th-26th and it’s zooming up fast so I’m trying to get more organized. I decided I want to have a group of smaller mounted pieces to sell and have been focusing on creating them and finally figuring out an effective way to mount them.

Here’s one. The mounted size is 8″x10″.

new small work

new small work

My solution is to cover foam core (cut to a standard frame size) with low loft batting and black nubbly silk (Thank you Judy Dales for the suggestion). I pull it to the back, try to make neat corners and secure the silk with acid free linen tape.

I then blind stitch the small piece to the front and try not to get blood on it from all the needle stabbings. I procured a curved needle today and hope this will cut down on the bloodshed.

Other ideas?

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