NYC art inspiration

I spent a whole glorious art day in NYC!
First, Matisse, Picasso, Lee Bontecou and more at MOMA. The Matisse exhibit focuses on just a handful of years in his career and the struggles and changes he went through as an artist during that time. Very interesting to  think of someone like Matisse just as stuck and unhappy with a piece as I get.
After just having finished a jigsaw puzzle of Starry Night,  seeing it again “in the flesh” was amazing-such intense vibrant one hundred year old blues! I really don’t get, though, the thing of standing next to famous art and getting your picture taken. Like next to a celebrity??
Then hours in Chelsea going from gallery to gallery. A few inspiring, quirky finds but mostly bizarrely overpriced ho-hum work. Some I admit I just don’t get…
Then a walk on the High Line-a railway trestle remade into a wildly designed walkway right in Manhattan. And time to sit and sketch.

view from the High Line

view from the High Line

I left exhausted and full to the brim with images and ideas.

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