Fundamental Change IV- part 2

The original sketch:

Fundamental Change IV original sketch

Messy. I know. This went through lots of revisions, many not erased very well. At this stage, I’m just trying to settle on an overall composition that I can then play with further on the design wall. The large cellular shapes needed to fit together in a flowing way that also created lovely negative space between them. I also wasn’t sure at this point whether I wanted those large shapes to be solid OR to have a solid core/nucleus with translucent space around that defined by lines.

But after I stitched around the serendititous shapes left by the migrating paint on  the background kona cotton piece (see previous post), I knew I wanted more of those organic stitch lines to show. So I’ve decided to have translucent areas around solid cores. Next job is to decide how  to define that outer area of each cell shape. To be continued…

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