What a gorgeous and inspiring find!

I think this is going to fuel my imagination for a while!

While at my local library today I glanced over at a display of books  with an Earth Day theme. The cover of this book grabbed my attention immediately.

The Bizarre and Incredible World of Plants

The colors, the textures, the organic shapes and the topic! I’ve been sitting out in the sun and pouring over it.

This large book, The Bizarre and Incredible World of Plants was created by a collaboration between two scientists,  Wolfgang Stuppy and Madeline Harley AND a brilliant visual artist, Rob Kessler. Kessler worked with mostly electron microscopic images and enhanced them with color (sometimes based on scientific evidence and sometimes not). Here are a few more images of pollen grains by Kessler:

pollen grain 1

pollen grain 2

The photos in here are brimming with rich, complex, intricate patterns and textures. I can’t wait to sketch some to be able to begin to know those shapes and lines enough to play with them in my art.  Then that imagery becomes part of the visual vocabulary I draw from (literally) when creating. At least, I think that’s how it works!

2 Responses to “What a gorgeous and inspiring find!”

  1. Susan Balch Says:

    I can’t wait to see what comes out of this new source of inspiration you have found! the colors, the patterns, the textures. WOW!

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