Fiber: Twentyten

Yay! I was very happy to find out yesterday that my piece, Cellular Dance II, was accepted into the juried show, Fiber:Twentyten, sponsored by the Missouri Fiber Arts Assoc.- April 2nd-May 14th at The Foundry Arts Centre in St. Charles, Missouri.

Cellular Dance II

This is especially wonderful because the show is very close to where my mom lives. I’m planning to visit her and make a day of going to the show together. She’s one of my biggest fans!

I’m also pleased to be  a part of a wider “fiber” show (as opposed to an “art quilt” show).  I’m finding that those are feeling kind of insular and often repetitive with few pieces that break new ground. So I’m looking forward to seeing close up some other cutting edge fiber creations.

2 Responses to “Fiber: Twentyten”

  1. Ricky Says:

    Congratulations on having your quilt accepted.
    I do love your work.
    Ricky in Winnipeg

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