A thank you to my critique group

I brought my ” almost done”  The Spaces Between VI to my small critique group (Judy Dales, Marilyn Gilles, Christine Fries).  Although it has been at times helpful in the past,  I rarely bring in unfinished pieces.  Sometimes getting outside input throws me off my own direction and it doesn’t feel “mine” anymore.

The strong blue silk charmeuse “between” area on this piece wouldn’t lay flat and it’s reflective bumps drew too much attention. What to do what to do…

Before (detail)

Before (detail)

The other women in this group are MUCH better technically than I and have more of a solid sewing background. I tend to just experiment (flail around) till something kinda works.

The recommendation from the group was to use a stabilizer behind the blue and densely stitch- pulling in the extra loose fabric and making it FLAT. I’d never used stabilzer before but I went out and  bought a few yards.

The result:

After (detail)

After (detail)

Stitching through silk and a stabilizer was  dreamy-like a hot knife through buttah! And the result makes me much happier with this piece, in fact very pleased. By pulling the blue flat the 3-d-ness of the larger gray areas is more pronounced which is what I was aiming for. I’m ready to finish the edges in the next few days. Then a label and sleeve for hanging and this one will be done.

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